Walter wandered in the snow looking for someone to play with. The blizzard was thick with snowflakes, obscuring his vision, but Walter didn’t care; Moose always say, “The more snow, the more fun!”

He cried out repeatedly, “Does anyone want to play?”

Finally he heard an answer.

Walter and his new friend had great fun building snow forts together and throwing snowballs, despite not being able to see each other.

When the snow finally stopped, Walter discovered that he had been playing with a giant tarantula, so he pretended he heard his mom calling and ran away.


NOTES: This is my first attempt at digital painting in 10 years. In education terms, this is my pre-assessment piece; the “before” to what will hopefully be an infinitely improved “after” at the end of my 180 days with Photoshop. I did the sketch in Photoshop too (not scanned) and will continue to do so for at least a couple of weeks to familiarize myself with the Wacom tablet. Total time well over 10 hours. After about 20 youtube tutorials I am a. getting the hang of hotkeys and b. enormously overwhelmed by how much is left to learn. Sketching with the tablet is also going to take some getting used to. Eager to continue learning.


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