When the twister came, Ned was secretly napping underneath a dried leaf as usual. He couldn’t stand all that buzzing about from flower to flower; it was much better to sit and nap or play video games.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blasted Ned from his hiding place.

Just as he collected his wits, he saw his hive sucked into the vortex.

As Ned’s family and hivemates were carried off, Ned noticed something else was missing: “Aw, man! My favorite leaf is gone!! This sucks!”

Ned stupidly took his next nap in a patch of Bee Poison Ivy and deserved what he got.


Notes: I’m taking the suggestion of one of the youtube artists I’ve watched and doing several “paintings” with only the round brush at 100% opacity. He makes a good argument for using only these simple tools to help beginners understand value. I’m finding this challenging, but I think It’s clear I’m already feeling more comfortable with the Wacom tablet. Again, did all sketching right in Photoshop. Still fiddling a bit with finding the hotkeys, but I feel like that will fall into place within the next couple of exercises. I have to stop trying to make a totally finished work; give up my obsessive need to be in control of everything. I could have kept going with this for many more hours, but that’s not the point of these exercises and I need to keep that in mind. I get so wrapped up in details, I need to think more about the whole.  Also experimented with layers in this painting as well as the lasso selection tool. Very cool. I think tomorrow’s post will look more simple. It better anyway, or I’ll never get any sleep…


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