The robot loved the boat.

He meticulously scrubbed her deck and scraped the barnacles off her hull.

She showed her favor by seeking out calm waters and chasing starry nights around the globe to enjoy with her love.

They were blissfully adrift for many years, even as their bones began to rust.

No one could remember how they met, and no one was surprised when they went down together at last to make their home among the fishes.


Notes: Ahhhh, pen tool, you are still kicking my ass, but this time I shall conquer you! I felt the need to try my hand at the pen tool, my old arch nemesis from my freshman graphics class 10 years ago. For this piece, I used the pen tool and painted only with gradients and shape layers. I am still a bit mixed up regarding the difference between layers and paths, but eventually worked out the kinks enough to put an image together. Between all the tutorials I had to watch to figure this tool out, this image probably took me at least 12 hours. I can’t wait for familiarity with the tools to boost my overall speed. Again, I chose a very limited palette, making it almost impossible to get bogged down with details. I like the look and clean lines that I can get with the pen tool and am eager to continue practicing…


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