Victor’s Vampire Initiation went horribly wrong.

The young lad crashed a fancy dress party in search of his first taste of human blood. Instead, he mistakenly sank his teeth into a vegetable centerpiece arranged to resemble the hostess.

As the party guests screamed, ran, and fainted respectively, Victor sat on the table sucking the life blood of an avocado. From that moment on, only plants could satisfy his tastes. While the others went off hunting necks, Victor found himself haunting nectarine groves.

Eventually, Victor bought himself some Birkenstocks and moved to a commune in Northern California where he still lives today, happily sucking cabbages in the moonlight.


Notes: I was very tempted to continue with vectors but I knew it was just an excuse to avoid painting, so I forced myself to continue with just the brushes. Probably had about 15 layers going on at all times with this piece. I also indulged by taking much longer than I should have to finish and post it. I’m finding painting in Photoshop to be very challenging because of the temptation to zoom ever close to my work to micromanage it. I will say though that I’m very happy with the evident improvement shown between this piece and my first entry, which was also all brushes. I worked from a scanned sketch this time. Onward…


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