James was so small he could wear a raspberry for a hat (not that he did, mind you, but he could).

“You’re too small to play the guitar” is not an unreasonable thing to say to a boy who is three inches tall. James, however, was not so easily discouraged. One day he brought home a witty toad and the two stayed up nights for weeks on end, perfecting their method.

It was quite a spectacle. The toad hopped gracefully about on the fretboard while James utilized his whole tiny body plucking and strumming the strings.

Everyone who heard their music and witnessed their clever technique encouraged the duo to go on the road, though no one has yet offered to carry their guitar.


Notes: This was a long time coming for several reasons, but at the core of it is the bad habit I’m developing of getting too precious too fast with my work. Ultimately, I’m supposed to be cranking out five of these things a week, but here I am again falling into the trap of trying to perfect everything before letting people see it. Finally had to just get this one out there, and from now on, accept that some submissions may be half done. I simply won’t reach my goal if I continue to work like this. I must work faster. Period. No new tools for this one, just straight painting again. Going to have to replace my Wacom pen nib soon – didn’t realize they wore down like a real pencil tip. 


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