Mr. Fisher resented having to run his family’s shop and he could barely stand his human customers. Imagine his frustration when, out of nowhere, his shop was full of puffins. One by one, the puffins would scuttle into the shop and buy postcards to hang on their walls as artwork.

Although Mr. Fisher was annoyed, he was a passive aggressive man and displayed his discontent by posting a small sign on the door that read, “No puffins allowed.” When the puffins continued to patronize his shop, he tried adding exclamations points, capitalization, and even underlining to get his message across. Mr. Fisher was running out of postcards and poster board for his signs when one of his human customers took pity on him and explained the obvious: puffins can’t read.


Notes: I’m playing with the watercolor and gouache brushes in the Photoshop set I downloaded last week. I am long overdue for a computer upgrade and the poor old thing has been suffering a series of mini strokes with almost every project so far. I will likely be putting it out of its misery sometime soon. 


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