An old man built the horse from metal scraps he found in the junkyard. It was kinetic with moveable joints, built to scale and powered by a lithium battery. There was only one problem with his magnificent horse: the old man had forgotten to include an “off” switch.

The moment the battery was in place the horse galloped away, leaving the old man in a trail of dust. It galloped for several hundred miles and was just passing through a farmer’s garden when its battery became exhausted.

The next day, the farmer found the horse in an exquisite equine posture posed right before her freshly planted pepper plants. The farmer was delighted and the horse lived out the rest its peculiar life as garden sculpture.


Notes: I really wanted to try my hand at a more complex scene as an experiment in time management. This image took me about three days worth of work. I am quite pleased with how my previous experiments with different brushes, layering, and other painting strategies came together in this image. Still lots to learn, but I’m so happy with how quickly progress is evident in the products I’m posting. Compare this with my first post. It’s almost hilarious…


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