No one was around when the baby dinosaur hatched. He was terribly hungry but his parents weren’t there to show him what a baby dinosaur was supposed to eat. He looked around and tried to decide what would be the most delicious thing to munch. Then he saw them: big puffy, fluffy, cuddly white clouds floating in the distance. The more he looked at them, the tastier they appeared, particularly the one in the middle that looked like… well… he didn’t have the words to describe it. Just as the baby dino was about to jump for the yummy cloud, his parents burst out of the foliage and surprised him with a tender triceratops steak and a big hug. Though the steak was delicious and the baby dinosaur was grateful to know what he was supposed to eat, he couldn’t help wondering for the rest of his life what clouds might taste like.


Notes: This image was my first experience using masks. I LOVE THEM! Oh, the time I could have saved in some of my past images if I’d only known about masks. I also discovered that I can rotate my canvas display as I’m working like I would if I were drawing on a real paper. I always draw with my paper askew, so being able to do this on the computer has made the whole experience so much more natural feeling. Lots of good, practical learning with this one.


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