Out in the middle of a wide dark sea, a little jellyfish was all alone. It waited such a long time to find its kin, but nary another jelly did it meet. The sea offered companions of tuna, dolphin, and herring, but none of these would do. Then one night, the little jellyfish looked up and saw the biggest, most glorious jelly of them all shimmering just above the waves. Its bell was so great and bright that its tentacles could not be seen. The little jelly loved it at once and called it Frederic, never knowing it was giving its tiny heart to the moon.


Notes: It has been a while – I’ve been distracted by some other artistic pursuits. With this image, I wanted to really focus on the technical representation of looking through water at the moon. It was a fun challenge. I started with a reference for the jellyfish and then gave in to whimsy. Feeling more comfortable all the time.


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