The restaurant manager bit nervously at his fingernails while glancing back and forth between his newspaper and the door. The Chef Justice League had made headlines once again, terrorizing restaurants throughout the city for ethics violations such as reusing a fork that had fallen on the floor or pairing Merlot with scallops. Sweat broke out on the manager’s worried brow as he continued to read the story — he knew these culinary vigilantes would soon pay him a visit, but when?

Just then, the restaurant doors burst open and four angry chefs wielding threatening kitchen utensils grabbed the manager by his collar and thrust a fish into his face.

“You’re selling lies for dinner!” barked the angriest looking chef. “This isn’t Red Snapper; it’s Hungarian Skunk Fish! You’re a monster!!”

The Chef Justice League tossed the manager into a sack filled with all the impostor fish they had confiscated and disappeared into the night, leaving more than one diner looking skeptically at their dinner plate, and issuing a chorus of “check, please” from the rest.


Notes: Oh my stars, this took forever. Not this picture specifically, but in getting to this one. I started with an overly complex scene featuring five chefs, the manager, and full tables of diners. Part of being an artist is knowing when something just isn’t working and willingly scrapping dozens of hours of work rather than “beating a dead horse”, so to speak. While you can’t get those hours back, you learn important lessons like “simplify”; “Simple” is always better. Once I finally got my drawing and composition set for this one, the rest fell into place pretty quickly. I wanted to continue trying to integrate found textures and I’m pleased with the result for the most part. It’s amazing how many generous people offer their textures for use free of charge. I used a bokeh photo from “regularjane” on deviantART. Very helpful. Notice I haven’t gone back to the pen tool since the first time… that should be in my future soon, but I keep putting it off. Ah well, see you next week. =)


One thought on “CHEF + JUSTICE

  1. Absolutely worth the wait! Your composition totally suits the two words. Isn’t this the first time you’ve dealt with an abstract concept–justice? I love the story line as well ! Sensational!

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