11.10.2013: Tate Modern, London — A crowd of 200 looks on as Juniper Skye and partner Huxley Luck expressively smash and rip chunks of city-themed detritus into tiny bits with various tools of destruction ranging from hands to hacksaws during their performance piece entitled Dystopian Chocolate. As they destroy, Skye and Luck vocalize pulses of emotion — sobbing, laughing, screaming, and whimpering alternatively with each destructive gesture. When satisfied with the rubble they have created, the artists begin an interpretive dance, flitting and twirling back and forth as they sort the debris into piles. Finally, with grace and flourish, Skye and Luck pour cut-glass pitchers full of smooth, luxurious molten organic chocolate over each pile they have created, mixing with their hands and feet.

Part two of this symbolic social commentary on the complexity of city life will be unveiled at Sotheby’s next week as the chocolate coated piles are melted down and manufactured as foil wrapped chocolate bars typically marketed to our trendy liberal upper-middle class. Branded as Dystopian Chocolate, available varieties will include “Urban Decay” (weather worn, life battered concrete and asphalt blended with bitter unsweetened dark chocolate) and “Gentrification” (sparkling shards of glass mingled with sweet white chocolate). These beautiful bars with their market-appropriate descriptions are of course inedible, and rightly so as they represent aspects and ugly truths of urban living that, according to Skye and Luck, are “hard to swallow”.


Pulled an all-nighter for the first time since college to knock this one out. I’m heading across the country for a head start on Thanksgiving vacation and will be without Photoshop, so I wanted to get one more post completed before my flight (for which I’ll be departing for the airport in about 6 hours). I shall sleep on the plane. Getting some practice in with the human figure and continuing to do my sketches/inking directly on the wacom without scanning drawings. This is still taking much too long. Went through numerous iterations of the chocolate coated rubble trying to get them to stop looking like steaming piles of something else altogether. This iteration is much more successful than the previous, believe it or not. I could say more but I’m dying to get some shut eye before I leave. Goodnight/Good Morning.


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