Penny clucked with satisfaction at the cleverness of her plan. She had just started laying and was fit to be tied when day after day the stupid farmer took her precious eggs for himself.

“Not this time!” She thought, as she carefully tucked her new egg into a secret hiding place she had made in the straw. Yesterday, she spied lemon trees in the neighbor’s orchard and had already stashed away several fruits. Now she rolled one of the plump lemons into her nest and sat upon it, cackling triumphantly to alert the farmer to come collect his prize. Penny expected he would stupidly mistake the daily lemons for eggs and be satisfied, and she would be free to brood upon her secret clutch.

Sadly, Penny had not considered all the possible angles of her plan for she soon found herself in a carnival sideshow billed as “The Lemon Chicken” in a town that only grew limes.


I was hoping to have this posted before midnight, but what was to be my last post for 2013 is now my first post for 2014. Happy New Year! I haven’t posted since Late november (long Thanksgiving visit home and lots of other work happenings), so I didn’t try much new with this one – I just wanted to get back in the saddle. It’s nice to have my focus back. I really did love making that straw. No, really, I did. Looking forward to more learning in the new year. Cheers. =)


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