The land of the giants was barren and dry, but they had no cause to care so long as the farms of men could slake their hunger with sheep and cows carried off in the night.

One evening, as old farmer Hamhock stood at his front door whistling musically for his dog, he caught sight of a giant running away in the moonlight with his fingers in his ears and a pained look on his face. When he repeated the experiment night after night, it became clear that giants cannot abide music, and so farmer Hamhock called for a meeting with his neighbors and they began to plot.

Early the next morning, the farmers led the way across their borders and into the land of giants with the local junior high school jazz band in tow. The students kept their instruments muffled as they approached the sleeping giants, creeping slowly and carefully across the rocks.

When old Hamhock gave the signal, the students broke into a truly abrasive jazz rendition of “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain” that instantly blasted the giants out of their peaceful slumber and into what could be perceived as an interpretive dance of agony. Within seconds, the giants were frozen into a striking tableau of stone that more than one student hoped to take credit for in art class Monday morning.


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