About Joanna


Hello! I’m Joanna and I am the author/artist of all the content published on this blog. While I’m adept with many traditional media, I have (virtually) no experience with digital media like Photoshop and Illustrator. I’m hoping that these exercises will help me improve my general drawing and composition skills, and give me a basic understanding of these popular visual arts tools.

Full disclosure: The last time I attempted to make digital art was in a mandatory digital illustration class in college in 2003. I had no interest in it at the time and halfheartedly chugged along through the Photoshop CS lessons. When we were introduced to the Pen tool in Illustrator, I *knew* it was hopeless and scraped by with the bare minimum. Now, after 5 years of teaching and not a lot of art making, I want to get back in the game and recognize that digital skills are a must. Also, my apartment is too small for making messes with traditional media.

In other news, I enjoy cooking, crafting, reading, metalworking, knitting, and the general creative pursuits. I maintain an Etsy shop and I also write Haikus.


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