Learning Links

The following are links to the same resources I’m using to teach myself these programs. I’m posting only those I found most helpful. All links will be related to Photoshop for the first 180 days of this project.


How to be totally in control of Photoshop, by Peter Mohrbacher:  I really enjoy Peter’s teaching style. I hope he’ll make many more videos. This one’s all about getting started using the left hand/hotkeys for routine functions while painting in Photoshop.

PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: The Pen Tool Made Easy, by Glyn Dewis: My new favorite “how to” video on the pen tool. I had only been searching for videos emphasizing drawing with the pen tool and the focus of this video is making selections, but as I’ve learned you start both processes the same way (trying to get the pen tool to make a coherent shape or line) and the superb patience and pace of Glyn Dewis’s video here and a few tricks I hadn’t seen before had me subscribing to his channel without even looking at his other content. His delightful accent doesn’t hurt either.

Pen Tool Introduction – Photoshop Beginner Tutorial, by Ch-Ch-Check ItIf I had to name one thing that made me run screaming away from computer graphics 10 yeas ago when I first tried it in college, it would be the pen tool. I never could get the hang of it, especially around sharp edges. I deliberately would make images with obtuse angles and curves to avoid having to figure out the pen tool. This video has helped me so much. Skip ahead to 1:18.

How to Render Concept Art, by Chris Legaspi: The video I’m linking to is the third video in a 6 part tutorial. I would of course recommend watching the series all the way through, but this video in particular gives you an idea of the in depth instruction that Chris offers that also includes some elements and principles of design – something that is too often overlooked in these online tutorials. This series of videos focuses on adding value, color, and texturizing a line drawing utilizing layers, blending modes, and masks in photoshop. Chris is an excellent, thorough, and passionate teacher as you can see from his personal instructional website: www.freshdesigner.com


Webcomic Alliance – Digital Inking 101: Helpful info on inking. There are a few tidbits for both Illustrator and Photoshop.

30 Minute Introduction to Adobe Illustrator CS5, by Christopher Willey: The best Illustrator intro I have found because it focuses on keyboard commands from the very beginning. As I learned in Photoshop, knowing how to use your keyboard in conjunction with your tablet and pen is critical for saving time and getting the most out of the program. Really nicely done and covers most of the basics.

5 Tips for Drawing in Illustrator CS5, by Terry White: A great little tutorial on creating an image with just shapes and no pen tool.


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