Long ago on a vast and dry land there lived a cactus whose spines never stopped growing.  It was a proud and fearsome sight, but as they grew they became ever heavier until one day the cactus could bear the weight no longer and cried for help. Nearby, a large rodent was having problems of her own; word had spread that her kind was delicious and she found herself seeking shelter from a hungry cat beneath the protective spines of the inconsolable cactus. As the rodent caught her breath, she began to hear the cactus’ pitiful cries. Sensing the potential for a mutually beneficial arrangement, the vulnerable rodent spoke up: “I have an idea!” she squeaked. She set about using her powerful teeth to give the cactus a haircut and wove the severed spines into her own fur as she went. Finally unburdened, the cactus stood tall and atop its crown perched a large spiky rodent who would never be anybody’s dinner.


It’s been a long time since I shared a new post. I’ve been engaged in other creative pursuits, but all the while I missed this exercise and the creativity it sparked for me. So, here I am again, but this time I’ll be throwing together simpler illustrations and some traditional media like this one (watercolor). I may also start including other art-related posts as I complete projects and exercises each week. With this illustration I was looking to be playful and bright. We’ve got some wonky shadows going on—note to self: get your light source straight. Generally done without reference photos as I want to get more comfortable sketching from my imagination. I’m especially happy with the cat.